Indus Valley Civilization

1. Examine the characteristic features of the Indus Valley Civilization. [2012]
2. Write short notes on: Town planning of Harappa. [2007]
3. Describe the Indus Valley Civilization. [2005]
4. Discuss the characteristics features of the IVC. [2002]
5. How did the Indus civilization established its contact with other civilization? Give your answer with reference to its westerly trades. [2002]
6. The Indus Valley and Vedic civilization had some common features and differences between them. Elucidate. [1999]
7. How significant are the pre/early Harappan sites/villages in Sindh and Baluchistan to our understanding of the origins of the Harappan civilization? [1995]


1. Review the social, religious and political life in the Vedic Age. [2009]
2. Describe the Vedic Age Civilization. [2005]
3. Reconstruct the Vedic Social organization. Does it show any evolution? [2001]
4. Write an essay on the evolution of political, social and economic patterns during the Vedic period. [1997]
5. In the light of recent researches how has the notion of Iron technology heralding major social and economic changes in India being modified? [1995]
6. Why do historian generally regard the Harappan civilization and the Rig Vedic culture as representing two different societies? [1993]


1. Describe the socio religious conditions of India on the eve of the rise of Buddhism. [2007]
2. Describe the social and economic life of the people on the eve of the rise of Jainism and Buddhism. [2012]
3. Describe the Buddhism and Jainism. [2005]
4. Write short notes on: Mahavira and Jainism [1993]
5. What was the social base for the early Buddhism? [1995]


1. Write an essay on the administration system of the Mauryas. [2012]
2. Critically review the socio-economic life of the Mauryan Age. [2009]
3. Review the humanitarian works of Ashoka the Great. [2007]
4. Write short notes on: Arthasastra [2007]
5. Trace the growth of Magadha as an imperial power under the Bimbisara and Ajatsatru. [2002]
6. Discuss the chief features of Mauryan administration. [2002]
7. Describe critically the socio-economic life during the Mauryan Period. [2002]
8. Account the merits and demerits of regulation and controlling system of the Mauryan administration. [2001]
9. Why is Ashoka is regarded as a unique king in Indian history. [1999]
10. Identify the main features of the Mauryan and Gupta arts bringing out their differences if any. [1999]
11. In the light of recent researches indicate how has the notion of the Mauryan state being a highly centralized system been modified? [1997]
12. Discuss the extent of the Mauryan Empire under Ashoka. [1995]
13. Discuss Ashoka’s Dhamma. What method did he adopt for its propagation? [1993]
14. Write short notes on: Administrative system of the Mauryans. [1993]


1. Discuss India’s contact with the outside world during the post-Mauryan period. What were their impact on the country? [1997]
2. Write short notes on: Gandhara Art [1993]


1. The Gupta period is consider as a “Golden Age” but the common masses live in misery. To what extent do you agree with this statement. [2009]
2. Examine the contribution of Gupta rulers in the progress of Indian society. [2007]
3. Discuss the rise and main features of feudalism during the period of later Guptas. [2007]
4. Describe the Golden Age of the Guptas. [2005]
5. Give an account of the decline of Gupta Empire. [2002]
6. The Gupta period was the Golden Age of Early India. Comment. [1997]
7. The Gupta Age was the Golden Age of Indian history. Comment. [1993]


1. Give your comments on the achievements of Harshavardhana referring to Banabhatta. [2007]
2. Discuss the greatness of Harsha as a ruler. [2002]


1. Give an outline of the development of science , literature and education in ancient India. [2012]
2. Write short notes on: What was the impact of Alexander’s invasion on India? [2009]
3. Examine the sources of ancient Indian history. Also comment on their authenticity. [2007]
4. Give an account of the development of science and technology in ancient India. [2001]
5. Trace the course and discuss the nature of the contact ancient India had with South East Asian countries. [1999]
6. What was the trading pattern between the Roman Empire and the southern region of India? [1995]
7. Write short notes on: Chinese travelers as source of ancient Indian history. [1993]

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