Q.1 Discuss the causes of decline of feudalism in Europe. [2012]

Q.2 Discuss the causes for the decline of feudalism. (European) [2001]

Q.3 Discuss the factor responsible for the decline of feudalism and the rise of capitalism in Europe. [1993]


Q.4 What do you understand by Renaissance? What were the factors that led to the rise of Renaissance? [2009]

Q.5 Discuss the causes of Reformation in Europe. Also throw light on the role of Martin Luther in it. [2007]

Q.6 Renaissance is considered a turning point in the development of human civilization. Review this statement. [2001]

Q.7 What was the legacy of the Renaissance of European culture? [1997]

Q.8 What led to the Reformation? What part did it play in the rise of nationalism in Europe? [1995]

Q.9 Discuss the salient features of Renaissance and highlight its significance in European history. [1993]


Q.10 Critically analyse the significance of the Thirty Years’ War in the history of Europe. [2005]

Q.11 Write a note on: Treaty of Westphalia [1993]


Q.12 The political crisis of 1789 which started the course of events that made the Revolution is explicable only in the setting in the deep economic and social crisis. Discuss. [2009]

Q.13 What were the philosophical foundations of the French Revolution? What is its significance in the World history? [2005]

Q.14 Discuss the chief causes for the outbreak of French Revolution in 1789. [2002]

Q.15 Describe about the great French Revolution. [2002]

Q.16 Explain the role of writers and philosophers in preparing the ground for Revolution in France in 1789. [2001]

Q.17 Identify and analyse the main phases of French Revolution. [1997]

Q.18 Bring out the historical significance of the French Revolution. What is its lasting legacy? [1995]

Q.19 Write a note on: France- Revolt of 1789 [1993]


Q.20 Discuss the causes and significance of the American Revolution. [2009]

Q.21 Describe about the American Revolution. [2002]

Q.22 Describe the causes and significance of American Revolution. [1999]

Q.23 Trace and account for the American Revolution. Was it beneficial in social context? [1995]


Q.24 Describe the causes and consequences of American Civil War. [2012]

Q.25 The Civil War was inevitable, Abraham Lincoln only expedited it but the saved the national unity thereby. Elaborate. [2001]

Q.26 Why did the American Civil War break out? [1997]


Q.27 With reference to the rise of nationalism in Europe, discuss the unification of Germany. [2005]

Q.28 Discuss the contribution of Bismarck to achieve the foundation of German Empire. [2002]

Q.29 Trace the different stages of the unification of Italy. Also throw light on foreign help in it. [2007]

Q.30 Discuss critically the role of Bismarck and Prussia in the unification of Germany. What were its results? [1999]

Q.31 What were the contributions of Cavour and Garibaldi in the unification of Italy. [1997]

Q.32 German political unity was grafted on a solid material and cultural foundation. Comment. [1995]

Q.33 Discuss the role played by Mazzini, Garibaldi and Cavour in the unification of Italy. [1993]


Q.34 Analyse the causes of Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. How did it influence the world politics. [2007]

Q.35 Account for Russian Revolution of 1917 and account for its success. [2002]

Q.36 Discuss the causes of the Bolshevik Revolution. [1997]


Q.37 Why did Red Revolution succeed in China? Explain. [2009]

Q.38 Trace the rise of Communism in China. [2002]

Q.39 Review the part played by Dr. Sun-Yat Sen in the history of China and indicate the significance of his three principles. [1995]

Q.40 Write a note on: Communism in China [1993]


Q.41 “The Paris Peace conference must stand in history a conspicuous failure. It was and overall failure of human intelligence and wisdom.” Examine. [2012]

Q.42 Assess the responsibility of the major European powers for the outbreak of the first world war. [2009]

Q.43 Examine the causes of the Second World War. Also write a notes on its result. [2007]

Q.44 Throw light on the causes and the consequences of the Second World War. [2002]

Q.45 Discuss critically the treaty of Versailles. How far was it unjust? [1999]

Q.46 Discuss the social and economic consequences of the first world war. [1995]

Q.47 “The seeds of the Second World War were showed in the treaty of Versailles.” Comment. [1993]


Q.48 With reference to the Fascist Ideology, discuss the rise of totalitarian state in Europe after the First World War. [2005]

Q.49 Discuss the chief features of New Deals of F D Roosevelt and evaluate its success. [2002]

Q.50 Describe the world depression of 1929-32. What were its consequences? [1999]

Q.51 Discuss those factors which were responsible for the rise of dictatorship in the various countries of the world. [1993]

Q.52 Write a note on: Economic Recession of 1929-32 [1993]


Q.53 Describe the rise of Japan as a world Power. [2002]

Q.54 Examine the circumstances that led to the development of militarism in Japan. [2001]

Q.55 How did Japan become a great power? What were its effects on Asia? [1999]


Q.56 Describe about the Industrial Revolution. [2002]

Q.57 Discuss critically the reasons that led to the rise of mercantilism. Also discuss its importance and decline. [1999]

 Q.58 Bring out the role of the development of commerce and technology in the Industrialization of Britain. [1997]

 Q.59 How did the Industrial Revolution affect political and social life of Europe? [1995]


Q.60 “In the history of England the chief area of interest was the growth of parliamentary institutions.” Comment. [2012]

 Q.61 Review the Parliamentary Reform in England in 19th and 20th century. [2007]

 Q.62 Throw light on the development of Parliamentary form of government in England in the 19th century. [2001]


Q.63 Discuss the growth of imperialism in Asia and Africa during the 19th century. [2005]

 Q.64 Critically review literacy and political developments in the period 1927-42 and evaluate their significance for nationalism in Indonesia. [1997]

 Q.65 Write an essay on the rise and growth of Arab nationalism. [2012]


Q.66 Give the critical analysis of the importance of the Young Turk Revolution of 1908-09. [2002]

 Q.67 Define liberalism and discuss briefly the role played by liberalism in bringing changes in the policy of the various Western European countries. [1993]

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