The Role and Impact of Science and Technology in the Development of India

  1. In comparison to Other countries, India is well-endowed with freshwater resources. Critically examine why it still suffers from water scarcity. What role can the scientific managementand technology play in overcoming this problem? Elucidate.
    (56-59 Bpsc/2016)
  2. In order to rulfill the increasing energy demand in Bihar State, suggest the scientific initiatives that you would likc to introduce.
    (56-59 BPSC/2016)
  3. Critically discuss the positive and negative effects of globalization in India. How can science and technology reduce negative effects ? Explain
    (56-59 npsc/2016)
  4. The key issues of Modi Government in India are “cleaning or Ganga river. degraded natural
    resources and dwindling farmlands. and greater health risks.” Discuss scientific initiatives for these problems that you would like to apply.
    (56-59 BPSC/2016)

Nuclear Energy

  1. Fukushima Nuclear Disaster has put the focus of the world back on the dangers of nuclear technologies. With widening gap in meeting the power requirements or India, would it be appropriate to abandon this path? Can our energy needs by fulfilled by alternative sources?
    (53-55 BPSC/2012)
  2. Discuss the interdependence of civilian & military applications of nuclear energy in our
    country. Examine the recent Indo-US nuclear agreement in the light of our future military programme.
    (47 BPSC/2007)
  3. Discuss the importance of nuclear fuel in the field of power generation. (44 BPSC/2002)
  4. What is nuclear energy? Can nuclear power plants solve Indian power crisis?
    (43 BPSC/2001)
  5. Describe briefly the different phases of India’s nuclear energy programme.
    (42 BPSC/1999)
  6. Summaries the arguments for and against the advisability ofbuilding nuclear power plants in India.
    (41 BPSC/1997)
  7. Describe the different phases of India’s nuclear energy programme. (40 BPSC/1995)

Alternative Source of energy

  1. Write an account on the possible approaches for management of wastes and their potential to generate energy in India.
    (48-52 BPSC/2009)
  2. Discuss the problems of alternative source of energy in our country. What are Carbon-
    Credits? How much global — Warning can be tolerated for the sakc ofeconomic development?
    (47 BPSC/2007)

Question related with Biotechnology

  1. Discuss the role of biotechnology in sustainable agriculture. Explain your answer with the help of some examples
    (48-52 BPSC/2009)
  2. What is Biotechnology? I-low Biotechnology can be used to improve human health?
    (43 BPSC/2001)
  3. What are transgenic crops? How this technology is going to effect the Indian agricultural
    (43 BPSC/2001)
    4.What is meant by ‘Biotechnology’? Discuss its application in the field of agriculture and
    (41 BPSC/1997)
  4. Define ‘Genetic Engineering’. How far can it be used to treat genetic illness?
  5. Write short notes on Genetic Engineering.


  1. Which drugs are extracted from plants and trees? How can these be developed with the
    help of computer?
    (46 Bpsc/2002)
  2. What is the importance of- computer in modern communication?
    (44 BPSC/2002)
  3. Comment on the state of computer technology in India today. How this has benefited the
    masses (people)? In this context point out the possible uses to which super-computer could be Put?
    (42 BPSC/1999)
  4. Discuss the contribution of computers in our-telecommunication system. (39 BPSC/1993)

Health and Medical Science

  1. Contribution of India in the field or HIV/AID research, what is its cause and prevention
    should be taken. Elucidate
    (47 BPSC/2007)
  2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is useful to doctors for medical treatment Explain in
    what way this facility has bccn provided to the public.
    (45 BPSC/2002)
  3. In what way X-ray and ultrasonography are useful for medical treatment?
    (44 BPSC/2002)
  4. Describe the features and objectives or National Vaccination Programme. How far has it
    helped in checking child mortality in India?( BPSC/1995)
  5. Write short notes on Blood Groups.(BPSC1995)


  1. Write an account on space research activities going on in India. How have such researches been helpful in development or the country ?
  2. (48-52 BPSC/2009)
  3. Discuss the development of higher education institutions of Science & technology in India
  4. Carefully examine the science & technology priorities of the Government of India in each decade after independence.
  5. (47 BPSC/2007)
  6. Present age is the era of Information Technology. How it is going to effect common India.
  7. (43 BPSC/2001)
  8. How satellite technology can be used in improving the quality or common man’s life?
  9. (43 BPSC/2001)
  10. What are chemical warfare agents (Chemical weapons)? How they are harmful to human health and environment?
  11. (43 Bpsc2001)
  12. What is cloning? Write the scientific merits and demerits of cloning. (43 Bpsc2001)
  13. What is remote sensing? Describe the Status Of remote sensing in India. (42 BPSC 1999)
  14. What is ‘DNA finger printing? Which research institution in India is working in this(42 BPSC/1999’)
  15. What are the high temperature super conductors? Describe their important applications.
  16. (42 BPSC/1999)
  17. Evaluate the role of modern technology in Indian Industries.(41 BPSC/1997)
  18. What is bio-gas technology? What are the steps taken by Government of India towards its development?(40 BPSC/1995)
  19. Explain the technological level How does it decide the level of development.
  20. (39 Bpsc/1993)

Environment and Pollution

1.  Discuss the relationship of Environmental Pollution & Economic development in our country.Show that it will be disastrous to sacrifice environmental protection laws for the sake of the”So-Called”- Development.(47 BPSC/2007)

2. Use of petroleum and coal polutes the air. How can this pollution be reduced.(46 BPSC/2005)

3. What are chemical war fare agents (Chemical weapons)? How they are harmful to human health and environment?(43 BPSC/2001)

4. What do you understand by environmental pollution? Mention the various kinds ofpollutions. Also explain their effects on human health in India.(42 BPSC/1999)


1. What are the fertilizers and insecticides used on large scale in agriculture?(45 BPSC/2002)

2. What are the development in India as far as agriculture is concerned?)

(a) Water resources

 (b) Seed selection               (44 BPSC/2002)

3. What is dry-land agriculture? Discuss its importance in India? (42 BPSC/1999)

4. “Bihar is not utilizing her water resources rationally for meeting the domestic, agricultural and industrial needs.” Explain.

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