BPSC Mains Economics and Geography GS 2 Questions (1993-2016)


  1. What is demographic dividend? Explain its impact on economic growth.(56-59 Bpsc/2016)
  2. 2. Describe ‘agricultural marketing’ in India and write the defects in the ‘agricultural marketing system’. What measures have been taken by the Government of Bihar to improve the system of the marketing of agricultural products ?(56-59 BPSC/2016)

3.What is the relationship between ‘environmental protection’ and ‘sustainable development ‘ ?

Write a short note on economic growth and environmental degradation in India.(56-59 BPSC/2016)

4.What do you mean by regional development ? How far regional planning has been successful

in the economic development of Bihar ? Discuss.(56-59 BPSCQ016)

A. Question related with Bihar

1. How far does the vartable nature of Indian monsoon adversely affect the planning of agricultural development in India? Discuss it with special reference to Bihar?(53-55 BPSC/2012)

2. How far has the Government through its various five — Year Plans been successful in removing poverty from Bihar?(48-52 BPSC/2009)

3. “Natural disasters arc the main causes of poverty in Bihar” Do you agree with this statement? Comment your views (BPSC2007)

4. What “Inclusive Growth” in eleventh Five Year Plan? What strategies are framed by Planning Commission to achieve it?(BPSC/2007)

5.Why is per hectare production or agriculture yields stagnant is Bihar? Explain the basic causes and also suggest important measures to remove them.(46 BPSC/200S)

6.What is meant by small Industries What rote do small industries play in the Indian economy in respect of export and employment?

7. Explain the role of the Multi-purpose River Projects in the development of State.(BPSC/2002)

8. With all the possibilities of development. Bihar is being considered as one of the backward states of India. Discuss fully. (BPSC 2OOI)

9.Point out the salient features of Integrated Area Development Ptogrunune in Bihar. What are its achievements?(41 BPSC/1997)

10. Why is the pace of industrial development in Bihar is inspite of rich natural resources? Discuss.(40 BPSC/199S)

11.”Bihar is not utilizing her water resources rationally for meeting the domestic. agricultural and industrial needs.” Explain. (39 Bpsc/1993)

B. Five Year Plan

1. What are the basic objectives of Tenth Five Year Plan? Elaborate the strategies made by the Government to achieve these objectives.(46 BPSC/2005)

2.What measures have been taken under thc Five-Year Plans to increase employment opportunities in rural areas? ( 39 .PPSC/1993)

C. Small – Industries

1. What is meant by ‘small industries’? What role do small industries play in the Indian economy in respect of exports and employment?(45 BPSC.2002)

2.Discuss the importance of the small scale sector in the industrial structure.(43 BPSC/2001)

D. Agriculture

1. “Agricultural diversification and organic faming are the better option for food security In India.” Comment critically with special reference to Bihar.(53-55 BPSC/2012)

2. The-Green Revolution has increased the food grains production in India but has createdseveral environmental problems.”- Elucidate with examples.(48-52 BPSC/2009)

3. What important trends have been emerged in Indian Agriculture as a result of liberalization?(44 PSC/2002)

4.How do the forests of India contribute to the economic development of the country?(41 BPSC/1997)

E. Economic development

1.Critically explain the achievements of New Economic Reforms in India. (45 BPSC/2002)

2.What is the second phase of Economic Reforms? Explain its role in economic growth of India. (44 BPSC/2002)

F. Poverty

1. “Poverty is a matter of deprivation from basic needs ofhuman life,” Explain it and suggest measures to reduce it?(47 BPSC/2007)

2. What do you mean by the concept of poverty? Explain the incidence of poverty and the various poverty alleviation programmes introduced in India. (44 BPSC/2002)

G Question related with Economics

1. “Physical diversity in India has lead to uneven economic development”- Elucidate with suitable example. (48-52 Bpsc/2009)

2. What ts the Disinvestment Policy nr Indian Govemment? Did it succeed to achieve its objectives?(45 BPSC/2002)

3. What structural changes are necessary in the successful economic planning?(43 BPSC/2001)

4. How do the forests or India contribute to the economic development of the country?(41 BPSC/1997)

5. Examine critically the relevance or movements against multipurpose Projects in India.(41 BPSC/1997)

6. What do you mean by district Planning? What are the conditions of its success?(40 BPSC/1995)

H. Governments — Plan and Policy

1. What is “Bharat Ninnan Youjana”? Explain its role to make rural economy prosperous in India?(47 Bpsc/2007)

2. What are the “Common Minimum Programs” on the United Progressive Alliance Government in India? Explain their role to improve the socio-economic status of people in India. (46 BPSC/200S)

3. What is the nature of unemployment problem in India? Do you think that “National Employment Guarantee Act” will solve the problems of poverty and unemployment of rural poors?(46 BPSC/2005)

I. Question related with Geography

1. Divide India into physical divisions and describe them with maps. (43 BPSC/2001)

2. Discuss with examples the causes and consequences of inter-state conflicts on sharing the river water in India. Can this problem be solved ? (42 BPSC/1999)

3. Discuss the characteristics of major soil zones of India and their suitability for important crops. (42 BPSC/1999)

4. Discuss the structure and evolution of the Peninsular India? (40 BPSC/199S)

5. Explain the origin of the Himalayas with the support of PIate Tectonics Theory. (39 BPSC/1993)

6. What measures have been taken under thc Five-Year Plans to increase employment opportunities in rural areas? (39 BPSC/1993)

J. Population

1.  The provisional results of 2001 Census in India show the declining trends of population growth rate and sex ratio. How far will they affect the regional planning in !ndia?(53-SS BPSC/2012)

2.  HOW far do you agree that the high density of population is the basic cause of poverty in India?(48-52 BPSC/2009)

3.  Account for the regional variations in the growth patterns of population in India since Independence and show that impact on economic imbalances.(42 Bpsc/1999)

4.  “Rising population Isa great hindrance to development’. Discuss. (40 BPSC/199S)

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