65 BPSC Prelims Exam Mock Test

Attempt the following mock test to know the level of your preparation for 65th BPSC prelims exam.

1. The FIFA world cup 2022 will be held in


2. India ranks _______ on Global Hunger Index.


3. India ranks ______________ in Global Terrorism Index.



How much of monthly pension has been approved by cabinet to small traders, businessmen, and shopkeepers under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Pension Yojana (PM-KPY) on 31st May 2019?


5. Name the Chile city which became the southernmost city in the world.


6. Sachin Bansal to join Ujjivan Small Finance banks as its independent director.He is a co- founder of which e-commerce company?


7. What was the unemployment rate in India for the year 2017-2018 as per the survey conducted by National Sample Survey Office (NSSO)?


8. Government has met the fiscal deficit target of__________ for the Financial Year 2018-19.


9.  What was the theme of the International Day of Yoga (IDY) 2019 in India ?


10. Name the Indian Politician, who was awarded with “Orden Mexicana del Aguila Azteca” (Order of the Aztec Eagle).


11. Name the Indian aircraft, which went missing with 13 people in Assam


12. Who received the first permanent residency – Golden Card, in Abu Dhabi ?



13. Name the head of the committee, which submitted draft national education policy 2019 in New Delhi recently.


14. Which country has selected to host World Environment Day 2019 ?



Which Indian city topped the “Traffic Index 2018” and becomes congested city among 403 cities in 56 countries ?



Who was elected as the President of Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)?


17. How many days are given for the lenders to review a borrower account after default as per the new NPA guidelines, “Prudential framework for resolution of stressed assets” released by Reserve Bank of India(RBI) ?


18. Who is set to receive the 2019 Global Leadership award along with NASDAQ ‘s (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) President Adena Friedman ?


19. Who was elected as the Prime Minister of Thailand ?


20. Which country topped in the e-Money transactions for the year 2017 ?


21. Where was India’s first and world’s third Dinosaur Museum-cum-Park inaugurated ?


22. Name the bank, which is first to introduce repo-linked home loan product from July 1, 2019


23. Name the tennis player, who won Men’s Singles title in French Open and became the first to win single’s event 12 times and secured his 18th Grand Slam title .



Name the first party from North east region, that was granted with National party status by Election Commission of India recently .


25. Who was conferred with the Maldives highest honour “Rule of Nishan Izzuddeen” recently?


26. By which year, the central government has decided to provide clean drinking tap water to all citizens ?


27. Which country has elected Kassym-Jomart Tokayev as its president ?


28. Name the new agency, which is set to be formed to develop weapon systems and to enhance the capability of armed forces for space wars.


29. Who was honoured with the country’s highest literary honour, 54th Jnanpith Award in New Delhi ?


30. Who was crowned as Miss India 2019 ?


31. Energy in reflected light :


32. Why do birds not have respiratory trouble at the time of
flying at high altitude ?


33. What happens to a liquid when the vapour pressure
equals the atmospheric pressure?


34. Rise of oil a wick is due to


35. When a person sitting on a swing stands up on the swing the frequency of oscillation


36. A person wears spectacles with concave lenses. It means that normally (when not using glasses) the image of
distant objects is focused in his eyes


37. A piece of paper and a cricket ball are dropped from the same height. Under which of the following conditions do
both reach the surface simultaneously ?


38. The scientist who first sent electromagnetic waves to distant places is


39. What is the Chemical name for baking soda?


40. Silk fibre chemically is :


41. Who developed atom bomb ?


42. The advantage of detergents over soaps is


43. The gas used for artificial fruit ripening of green fruit


44. PVC is obtained by the polymerisation of


45. Tear gas is


46. What is the limit of MG/DL of blood sugar in the normal
person at the time of fast ?


47. Which among the following elements increases the
absorption of water and calcium in plants ?


48. The carbon dioxide content in the air that we exhale is about


49. Haemophilia is mostly associated with


50. The vitamin most readily destroyed by heat is


51. From which Constitution was a concept of a 5-year plan borrowed into our Constitution?


52. Which is the first written document in the Constitutional History of India?


53. In the case of a deadlock between the two Houses of the Parliament, the joint sitting is presided over by the:


54. The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament is appointed by:


55. Who is considered the guardian of the Public Purse?


56. Which of the following states have a bicameral legislature?


57. How many members of the Lok Sabha must support a motion of ‘no confidence’ in the government, before it can be admitted by the Speaker?


58. Which of the following non-members of Parliament has the right to address it?


59. The total number of members in a Legislative Council should not exceed that of a Legislative Assembly by:


60. When can the Speaker exercise his right to vote in the House?


61. How many times can the President of India return a non- money Bill, passed by Parliament?


62. Rajya Sabha is less powerful than Lok Sabha in terms of its financial powers because


63. What is the minimum age for election/appointment as member of the Rajya Sabha?


64. Collective responsibility of the Cabinet was introduced in India by the :


65. Who acts as the President of India when neither the President nor the Vice President is available?


66. Humayun received the Kohinoor diamond from :



67. From which one of the following sites, was the famous Bull-seal of Indus Valley found ?


68. Which one of the following archaeologists initially discovered the Mohenjodaro

site of the Indus Valley Civilization?



The ninth mandala of the Rigveda samhita is devoted wholly to:

70. The God not worshipped during the time of Rigvedic Aryans was:


71. What was the rate of land revenue as given in the dharma shastras?


72. Nivi, Paridhan and Adhivasa were the


73. Which of the Vedas was divided into ‘White’ and ‘Black’ parts?


74. The great Hindu law-giver was:


75. The Painted Grey Ware (PGW) belongs to :


76. Who among the following earned the title of a ‘Liberator’?


77. Who were the first to issue gold coins?


78. The Arab conquest of Sind took place in:


79. Which Sultan added the Alai Darwaza to the Qutab Minar?


80. What does the word iqta stand for?


81. Who was the founder of Qutb Shahi dynasty?


82. The pioneer in preaching Nirguna Bhakti in medieval India was:


83. During the Mughal period which one of the following traders first came to India?


84. Vande Mataram was first sung at the session of the Indian Notional Congress in:


85. Who among the following set up the Atmiya Sabha in Kolkata in the first half of the nineteenth century?


86. “The British empire is rotten to the core, corrupt in every direction, and tyrannical and mean”.

Who said this?


87. The Supreme Court in British India was established under



Rani Lakshmi Bai died fighting the British in the battle of:  

89. The Indian Independence League was set up by :


90. Harijan Sevak Sangh was organised by:


91. At which congress session did Dadabhai Naoroji announce

that Swaraj was the goal of India’s political efforts?


92. Who among the following was not associated with the formation of U.P Kisan Sabha in February 1918?


93. After the Surat split, the Congress


94. Which of the following was in power in the U.K when India got independence?


95. Who attended the Second Round Table Conference as the representative/s of the Congress?


96. For the eradication of the evil of untouchability the Anti-

Untouchability League was set up by


97. Who was instrumental in bringing the Extremists and the Moderates together at Lucknow?


98. Who headed the Cabinet Mission?


99. On the death of Gandhiji, who said that ‘The light has

gone out of our lives …” ?


100. In which year did the Indian Naval Mutiny against the British take place?


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