America No More World Superpower

The so called superpower of the world USA has to face humiliating departure from the Afghanistan in the two decade long indecisive war . It is a struggle in which USA had lost men and money for last two decades. The failure of Americans politician has shown that it is easy to start a war but no one knows when it will end and the consequences of war is more unpredictable.

America no more Superpower!!!The strong words from British Foreign Secretary Ben Wallace came just days after final withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

This seems true as we evaluate the last decade and the current Covid 19 crisis. In recent times we saw the so called world organizations which were ruled by the USA were not in control of the leaders. Whether we talk about the Climate agreements and NATO agreements or the World Health Organization, USA has lost its sheen in all the so called world platforms as leaders.

The recent Covid 19 crisis was an eye opener for the world. The World Health Organization was crippled without having funds even to pay salaries to its staff. Leave the health emergency needs getting fulfilled by the organization. The vaccine policy came out to be an eyewash as most people vaccinated are told to get new booster dose . This seems to be a scam by the company to extract public funds as the covid 19 victim numbers are rising daily in thousands in count but no media is reporting it. Hospitals have no beds vacant for covid patients. The so called superpower hegemony has been broken by its past policies.

The insurance sector of America is seeing pressure after the covid crisis and the large sum of liquidity dumped in the system by Federal bank has created a bubble which will cause inflation reaching to double digit in near future if right steps are not taken now. The Insurance sector in America has increased its renewal and premium charges. More than 10% of the Latinx/Hispanic and Black adults had lost insurance after covid crisis compared to white adults.

This high American insurance will be bigger health issue in future as people directly affected by the pandemic reported having medical bill and debt problems at higher rates than those not directly affected and this gap is rising. America has failed as a superpower on health front also.

The climate change was neglected by former USA president Donal Trump and USA lost its superpower trophy in this field too. USA was the last country in the list of Climate change performance index for two consecutive years. Its a shame for the country which calls itself a superpower.

The bond yields are rising day by day and the dollar is appreciating which is a clear indication of policy failure of USA in front of economy. The inflation might reach to double digit in USA with a stronger Dollar and higher bond yield . The trillion dollars packages to revive USA is a clear sign of having no foresighted policy but a narrow mindset.

The other geopolitical policies of USA are also a big failure in the last decade. Whether take the case of Iran and its nuclear policies or the North Korean weapon programs , USA had not been able to create any pressure even after having the title of superpower for last half century. Though there were talks with both the nation leaders none had seem to accept USA’s supremacy and have continuing their nuclear policies. Moreover Japan has also strengthening its military capabilities and research against Japanese constitution’s article 9.

The world is not unipolar in the current geopolitical scenario and with the containment and restrictions imposed by China on its own companies and with the failure of Evergrande and other chinese companies the need for global collaboration has increased with a big vacuum created by dismantling of superpowers of 20th century.

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