Bihar Current Affairs: August 2021

Biography of Jaiprakash Narayan released
• “The Dream of Revolution: A biography of Jai Prakash Narayan”
which is written by Bimal Prasad, and Sujata Prasad was released on 23
August 2021.
About Jai Prakash Narayan:
• Jai Prakash Narayan was born on 11 October 1902 in Bihar.
• He was awarded India’s highest civilian honor, “Bharat Ratna” in
1999 for “his invaluable contribution to the freedom struggle and
upliftment of downtrodden and poor.

• For his on ground connect with people he was referred to as “Lok
Nayak” which means People’s Leader.
• He passed away in 1979 in Patna, Bihar.
Decentralized Biomedical Waste Incinerator installed in Buxar, Bihar
• Principal Scientific Advisor, Prof K Vijay Raghavan has virtually
inaugurated the Decentralized Biomedical waste Incinerator at Buxar in
• The technology has been developed by Ganesh Engineering Works
under the innovation challenge organized under waste to wealth
• The Decentralized Biomedical Waste Incinerator is a device which
is capable of handling 50 kg of biomedical waste consisting of Cotton,
plastic and other materials per hour. It takes around 2 sqm of space and
only requires 0.6 kWh electricity with an auto electricity off option.
About Waste to Wealth Mission
• Waste to Wealth mission is one of the nine missions envisaged by
Science, Technology and Innovation Council (PM-STIAC) of Prime
Minister. It is helmed by the Office of Principal Scientific advisor to the
Government of India.
A dense canopy of Trees along the Ganga River planned by Bihar
government to curb pollution in Patna
• Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Neeraj
kumar singh has announced that the government will develop a dense
canopy of trees along the Ganga River to control pollution in Patna while
releasing a report on source apportionment study for ambient
particulate matter for Patna in August 2021.
• He mentioned that such canopy would prevent the dust particles
from reaching the capital of the state and prevent it from causing
About source apportionment study for ambient particulate matter for
• The Study was conducted by The Energy and Research Institute,
Center for Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Asian
Development Research Institute and BloomBerg Philanthropies.
• The study suggested mechanical sweeping of roads and lanes and
effective dust management in and around the construction sites across
Bapu Tower in Patna
• Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, recently announced that the
Bapu Tower which is being developed in the Gardanibagh area of Patna,
is going to help the coming generations to understand the ideology of
Mahatma Gandhi and impact of Bihar in his life.
• Bapu Tower is a G+6 building which will house different types of
exhibits related to Mahatma Gandhi, especially his visit to Champaran in
• The tower is being constructed at the cost of 84.49 crores.
Bihar government launched a new scholarship portal for students
• Bihar State government has launched the Post Metric Scholarship
Portal to ensure timely disbursement of scholarships to students.
• The portal was launched by Bihar Education Minister Vijay Kumar
Chaudhary who also released scholarships worth Rs 171 Crores for more
than 3.22 lakh students hailing from SC, ST, OBC, EBC categories. The
scholarship will be credited to student accounts within 14 days of
registering on the portal.
• The scholarships sanctioned by BC and EBC welfare department
will also be routed through the portal, which will ensure that students do
not have to visit different offices for their scholarships. The portal will be
one-stop solution for scholarships in the state.
Mahabodhi Temple Complex
• Mahabodhi Mahaviharai in Gaya, Bihar has been opened for
devotees for the first time after 10 April when it was shut due to the
About Mahabodhi Temple Complex:
• Mahabodhi Mahavihara is one of the four holy sites that are related
to the life of Gautam Budhha. The other three are Lumbini in Nepal,
Sarnath and Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh.
• The original temple was built by Mauryan King Ashoka but it was
later reconstructed in Brick during Gupta Rule.
• It was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002.

Moin-ul-haq Stadium in Patna to be turned into a World Class Sports
• Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr. Nitish Kumar recently reviewed the
project to develop Moin-ul-Haq Stadium in Patna into a world class
sports complex facility.
• The redeveloped complex will have arrangements for 10 sports
other than cricket as well. Various other facilities including a modern
drainage system around the stadium is planned as well.
• The stadium is named after Sayyid Muhammad Moin-ul-Haq who
was an Indian coach who made important contributions to sports and
education. He was a pioneer of Olympic movement in India,
championing the cause for sports all his life.
• Apart from Moin-ul-Haq stadium, another International Cricket
Stadium is being built in Nalanda which after completion will be the
home ground of Bihar Cricket Team.
Bihar has the highest number of women cops in the country
• During the passing out ceremony at Bihar Police Academy in
Rajgir, CM Nitish Kumar announced that Bihar now has the highest
number of women Police Officers in the country.
• At the recently developed Bihar police academy 1582 subinspectors,
of which 596 were women were inducted in the Bihar Police
Force at the passing out ceremony.
• Bihar Police Academy is spread over an area of 133 acres and was
constructed in 2018 at the cost of Rs 290 Crores. The academy can train
4000 Police Officers of different ranks simultaneously.
“Save our Guardian Trees” Movement in East Champaran
• The East Champaran district administration has recently launched
the “Save Our Guardian Trees” ecological movement with Jeevika Didis
and Villagers to protect the trees which are believed to be 70 to 400
years old.
• 1450 Trees have been identified by the district administration
which have been designated “Guardian Trees”.
• The ecological movement will help display social, historical and
cultural grandeur of these trees through signboards.

• All this information will also be updated on the specially
developed app “Paryavaran Prahari”. The trees have been geo-tagged
through the application. The app will also provide description of trees
like Age, Girth, Botanical and Local Names etc.

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