Bihar Current Affairs: July 2021

Valimiki Tiger Reserve becomes one of the 14 Tiger Reserves to
receive CA|TS Accreditation
• Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change(MoEFCC) has
announced that 14 Tiger Reserves from across India have received
accreditation from Conservation Assured Tiger Standards (CA|TS).
• The Tiger Reserves are located in the following states: Assam(3),
Madhya Pradesh(2), Tamil Nadu (2), Maharashtra (1), Bihar(1), Uttar
Pradesh (1), West Bengal(1), Kerala(1), Karnataka (1).
• Valmiki Tiger Reserve which is located in West Champaran
district of Bihar is one of the Tiger reserves that received
• The announcement was made on the International Tiger Day 2021,
which was celebrated on 29 July 2021.
• Along with the announcement of Tiger Reserves, Union Minister of
Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bhupendra Singh also
released a report “Status of Leopards, Co-Predators and
Megaherbivores 2018” and special edition of “STRIPES” which is the
quarterly newsletter of the National Tiger Conservation Authority.
• In related news, The population of Tigers in Assam has increased to
200 from 159 in 2018. In 2021, there are 121 Tigers in Kaziranga, 48 in
Manas, 28 in Orang and 3 in Nameri Tiger Reserve.
Patna among 10 cities where SMILE scheme of Ministry of Social
Justice and Environment will be implemented
• The Ministry of Social Justice and Environment has announced a
scheme for the welfare of the beggars in the country. SMILE- Support for
Marginalized Individuals for Livelihood and Enterprise scheme has been
launched to provides support and welfare to millions of Beggars in the
• The main objective of the Scheme will be rehabilitation,
counselling, basic documents, medical needs, identification, education
• The scheme will engage the local bodies, NGOs, Community based
organizations, institutions, and others in achieving its goals.
• Existing shelter homes built by State/UT governments or local
bodies will be used to rehabilitate the beggars, in the areas where no
existing shelter homes are available, the concerned agencies will
develop new shelter homes to rehabilitate the beggars.
• Under the Pilot Project the scheme is being implemented in the
following 10 cities: Delhi, Bangalore (Karnataka), Chennai (Tamil Nadu),
Hyderabad (Telangana), Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Lucknow (UP),
Mumbai (Maharashtra), Nagpur (Maharashtra), Patna (Bihar) and
Ahmedabad (Gujarat).
1st Train movement trial successfully conducted between Jaynagar in
Bihar to Kurtha in Nepal
• On July 18 2021, The first ever High Speed Rail line between India
and Nepal saw a successful trial run between Jayanagar in Madhubani
district in Bihar and Kurtha in Mahottari district of Nepal.
• The 50 km Railway line project has been built at the cost of Rs 619
Crores and covers 5 railway stations along the route (Jaynagar, Inarwa,
Khajuri, Baidehi and Kurtha.
• The Railway line has been constructed by IRCON (Indian Railway
Cinstruction limited) under India-Nepal friendship project. The project
has been financed by the Union of India.
• The High-Speed train will cover a distance of 50 km in 23 minutes
at a speed of 115 kmph. The 34 km long rail line is yet to be constructed; it
will be built in two phases. The first phase will increase connectivity from
Kurtha to Bhangaha (17km) in Nepal and the second phase will connect
Bhangaha with Bardibas in Nepal (17km).
• Konkan Rail Corporation Limited(KRCL), a part of Indian Railways
has delivered two modern DEMU(Diesel Electric Multiple Unit) trains to
Nepal for Jaynagar-Kurtha Railway Line Project.
Bihar recorded maximum deaths due to lightning strikes since 2019
Lightning is a very rapid and massive discharge of electricity in the
atmosphere. It is the process of occurrence of a natural ‘electrical
discharge of very short duration and high voltage between a cloud and
the ground or within a cloud’, accompanied by a bright flash and sound,
and sometimes thunderstorms.
• According to the recent, second annual lightning report, Bihar has
recorded the highest number of deaths caused by lightning across the
• Between April 2020 to March 2021, 401 deaths were reported from
Bihar as a direct result of lightning.
• Bihar is followed by Uttar Pradesh where 228 deaths have been
reported and Uttar Pradesh is followed by Odisha and Jharkhand with
156 and 132 deaths respectively.
• Maximum states have reported decline in deaths due to lightning
except Bihar which has reported a 80% increase in deaths between 2019
to 2020. Overall there has been a 34% increase in the lightning strikes all
over the nation.
Private member Bills for Population Control in Lok Sabha by Bihar
• Sushil Kumar Singh, who is Member of Parliament (BJP) from
Aurangabad district of Bihar is going to introduce a private member bill
in Lok Sabha with an objective of setting up National Population
Planning Committee and District Population Planning Committee.
• Another private member Bill by JD(U) MP Dr Alok Kumar Suman is
being put forward which aims to suggest immediate measures to
control the overpopulation in the country. The bill promotes small family
norms of upto 2 children.
• Population Control measure bills have been a matter of discussion
after introduction of such bills in the Assembly of Uttar Pradesh and
Assam. According to an independent data analysis, 168 out of present
540 MPs have more than 2 children.

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