First in Bihar: Personalities, Events, Structure and State Symbols

First Governor during British India James David Sifton
First Governor Jairamdas Daulatram
First Muslim Governor Zakir Hussain
First Chief Minister Dr Krishna Singh
First Female Chief Minister Rabri Devi
First Harijan Chief Minister Bhola Paswan Shastri
First Muslim Chief Minister Abdul Ghafur
First Education Minister Sir Ganesh Dutt
First Speaker of Legislative Assembly Ramdayalu Singh
First Open University Nalanda Open University
First Poet Vidhyapathi
First Non-Congress Chief Minister Mahamaya Prasad Sinha
First Democratic election of Bihar
held in March 1937.
Mohammad Yunus formed the Govt
and became first Premier (April- July
1937) of Bihar province.
First Chief Justice of Patna High Court
before Independence
Sir Justice Edward Maynard Des
Champs Chamier
First Indian Chief Justice of Patna High
Court after independence Pandit Lakshmi Kant Jha
First Female Chief Justice of Patna
High Court after Independence Justice Rekha Doshit
First Gyanpeeth Award Winner Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
First Hindi Newspaper Sarvhitaishi
First English Newspaper Searchlight
First Bhojpuri Film Hey Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari
Chadhayibo (1963)

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