65th BPSC Mains Answer writing Day 12

Day 12

General Studies 1


Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:The following pie chart shows the percentage distribution of total estimated cost for renovating the house.Total estimated cost = Rs. 500000

1) If the family gets a discount on furniture and pays 15 % less than the estimated cost, then find the amount spent on furniture?

2) Find the average estimated cost of Interior, Flooring and Furniture together?

3) Find the ratio of the estimated amount of Interior and painting together to that of the estimated amount of Windows and doors and miscellaneous together?

4) The estimated amount of painting is what percentage more/less than the estimated amount of windows and doors?

5) Out of the total estimated cost of furniture, 54 % of the amount is used for showcase and remaining was used for Cupboards and Shelves in the room. Find the difference between the estimated cost for showcase to that of the estimated cost for cupboards and shelves in a room?

General Studies 2

General Science

  1. What are transgenic crops? How this technology is going to effect the Indian agriculture?
  2. In order to fulfill the increasing energy demand in Bihar State, suggest the scientific initiatives that you would like to introduce.




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