65th BPSC Mains Answer Writing Day 18

Day 18

General Studies 1


Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.The table shows the five different persons principal, number of years and rate of interest. Some values missing in the table find the values according to the question.

1) Rate of interest is increased by 5% and compounded half yearly. What will be the amount after given period for A?

2) The difference between simple interest and compound interest is Rs.125 for 2 years. What is the interest amount for B if compounded annually?

3) If the simple interest for 1 year is 640, the amount becomes 6560 after given years. What is the amount invested and rate of interest for C?

4) The principal of D is increased by 12% for 1styear and by given percentage for the rest of the years so that it amounts to 340676. What is difference between principal of D and B?

5) Person E invested his principal amount in two equal parts, one at simple interest and another one at compound interest for the given years. If the interest received from SI and CI are Rs.5320 and Rs.7980 respectively. What is the rate of interest for SI and CI according to E?

General Studies 2

General Science

  1. In spite of having several achievements, the green revolution has several defects. Examine .
  2. Forest Fires pose a threat not only to the forest wealth but also to the entire regime. In view of this statement discuss the various adverse impacts of Forest Fires .




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