65th BPSC Mains Answer Writing Day 24

Day 24

General Studies 1


Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below?Pie chart shows the percentage of students in each class and line graph shows the percentage of students participated in sports.

1) What is the ratio of the number of students from E to the students participated in sports from C & D?

2) What % is the total number of students participated in sports from all the classes together?

3) Students participating in sports from C & D together is how much % more/less than the no. of students in A?

4) What is the difference between the no. of students participating sports in A & B together and the total no. of students in D & E together?

5) In which of the following, the no. of students participating sports is higher?

General Studies 2

General Science

  1. Drought and flood are disasters which devastates Bihar each year. Describe measures to mitigate these natural disasters with special focus on small farmers.
  2. Recently Supreme court lifted ban on use of cryptocurrency in India. What are advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency?




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