65th BPSC Mains Answer Writing Day 30

Day 30

General Studies 1


Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions?

Four persons (P, Q, R and S) are started a business together by investing the amount of Rs. 20000, Rs. 30000, Rs. 50000 and Rs. 60000 respectively. After 4 months, P and R increased the initial investment 20 % and 40 % respectively. At the end of the year, they earned a total profit of Rs. 171600.The person A and B borrows P and R’s share. They are giving 8 % simple interest for 4 years.The person C borrows Q’s total amount (ie., Initial investment + Share) for 2 years at the rate of 6 % compound interest.

1) Find the interest amount, the person A have to paid for the person Q?

2) The profit of person Q is approximately what percentage of the total amount (Initial investment + Profit), the person S received at the end of the year of business?

3) Find the sum of the total amount, person A and B have to pay for the person P and R?

4) Find the compound interest, person C has to pay for the person Q?

5) Find the average share of P and S together at the end of the year of business?

General Studies 2

General Science

  1. What is artificial intelligence? How can it help in agriculture,education,economic and scientific development?
  2. Write a note on state disaster management act. Also elaborate steps to be taken by SDRF in case of flood.




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