Ways To Join Indian Army As An Officer

Ways To Join Indian Army As An Officer

Being able to serve your country as an army officer is such a privilege. It is an honour to be wearing a soldier’s uniform; an honour that is earned through hard work and dedication. To accomplish your goal of being in the army, it takes passion and persistence. 

Furthermore, not just anybody can become an army officer. It takes a series of tests and training. For the Indian army, acceptance requires you to take exams and go through training. In most countries, it takes similar processes. 

This article will tell you different ways in which you can be a part of the Indian army as an officer. 

How To Join The Indian Army As An officer 

Just as we have mentioned before, joining the army requires you to take exams and go through training. The major entrance exam to become an Indian army officer is the NDA exam. This exam gives you entry into the National Defence Academy(NDA). The NDA is the academy where Indian aspiring army officers are being trained to join the force. 

In addition, aside from taking the NDA entrance exam, you can get into the NDA by direct entry. Let’s talk about the different routes you can take to join the army. 

How To Join The Army After 10th

Ordinarily, a student has to complete his or her 12th study to apply to become an army officer. However, there are two posts that a student can apply for after the 10th. This is only under the condition that the student’s aggregate is above 40 to 45 percent. 

Furthermore, the two available posts for a student after 10th are soldier tradesman and general duty. The student is scored after the physical, written, and medical tests supervised by the Indian Army. 

How To Join The Indian Army After 12th

Normally, students are usually accepted after the 12th. There are two options for students to join the army after 12th. Firstly, the most common way is through the NDA. Also, students are given the option of Technical Entry Scheme(TES). 

1. National Defence Academy 

The National Defence Academy is a training institute. This institute does not train Indian army aspirants only, they also train aspiring air force and navy officers. After the training in the defence academy, they all move to their respective academies for continuous training in their field. One can prepare for all these requirements at the best defence academy in india.

There are criteria for you to be accepted into the National Defence Academy:

Make sure you do an excellent job on the NDA written exam conducted by UPSC. 

Clear the interview section conducted by SSB Services Selection Board. 

Lastly, you also have to pass the medical tests.

There are two main ways to prepare for NDA exam :

  1. NDA Coaching after 12th: Students who have passed 12th class can prepare for NDA exam by training at NDA Coaching in Dehradun.
  2. NDA Coaching after 10th: Students who want to start preparing for NDA early can opt for coaching after 10th at NDA Coaching after 10th.

4. Technical Entry Scheme

This is also another way to join the Indian army. This is also possible when you clear the Technical Scheme Examination. However, this entry scheme only allows unmarried male candidates. Also, the candidates must have cleared 12th grade physics, chemistry, and mathematics. 

Assessment for Technical Entry Scheme is based on 10 + 2 scores. Also, the candidates have to appear for an interview conducted by the Services Selection Board. 

For expert resources required for preparing for these exams students can check out NDA preparation classes.

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