Adi-dharma ie Sarana cult of Jharkhand tribals

Sarna Dharam is followed by majority population of the adivasi community belonging to major tribes of Jharkhand, including, Munda, Oraon, Santhal, Ho, Kharia, etc., numbering in excess of few crores by head count belonging to Jharkhand, follow the most egalitarian and natural religion on earth.


Oraon tribe followed Sarna Dharam, where Sarna means sacred grove. Their religion is based on the oral traditions passed from generation-to-generation. The religion is deeply ingrained in their culture and traditions, respecting the superiority of our natural world and its power. It strongly believes in one God, the Supreme Being, the Great Spirit, the Great One, the Creator, the Mighty Spirit, the one who rules over the entire universe, known as Dharmesh. They strongly believe in Lord Dharmesh’s appearance in Sal trees.

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