Bihar Important Questions

Bihar Samanya Gyan : Basics Bihar General Knowledge: Established, Area, Population, districts

Q.1:- When did Current Bihar state came into existence (formation day of Bihar)?

Ans:- 22 March 1912

Q2. What is total area of Bihar?

Ans: 94,163 Sq Km (12th biggest states of India in terms of area)

Q3. What is Total population of Bihr?

Ans:- 103,804,637 as per 2011 census. The state ranks at 3rd most position in terms of population).

Q4:- What is population density of Bihar?

Ans:- 1,106 per sq km.

Q5:- What are the number of districts in Bihar?

Ans: At present the state has 38 Districts.

Q6: What is total forest area of Bihar?

Ans: Bihar’s 6,764.14 km² area is covered with forests. It comprises of 7.1 percent of its total geographical area.

Q7:- Which is the largest city of Bihar in terms of population?

Ans: Patna city has largest population in Bihar. It counts 2,046,652 as per year 2011.

Q8:-Which is Area wise Largest City of Bihar?

Ans:- Patna (Area- 135 sq km)

Q9:- Most populous city of Bihar?

Ans: Patna.

Q10:- What is the name of capital of Bihar?

Ans:- Patna

Q11:- Which is Bihar’s Official Language?

Ans:- Hindi is first official language. Urdu was accorded the status of the second official language.

Q12:- Local language spoken in Bihar?

Ans:- Bihari.

Q13: When Bihar was created a separate state?

Ans: Currently existing Bihar was part of Bengal Presidency before creation. On 22 March 1912 both Bihar and Orissa division were separated from the Bengal Presidency. On 1 April 1936 Bihar and Orissa became separate provinces.

Q.14: Total number of divisions in Bihar?

Ans:- Nine Divisions:-

Q15:- How many districts are in Patna division?

Ans:- Six districts – Patna, Nalanda, Bhojpur, Buxar, Rohtas and Kaimur

Q16:- Saran division has how many districts?

Ans: Saran, Siwan, Gopalganj District

Q17:- How many districts are in Tirhut division?

Ans: Six- Muzaffarpur, West Champaran (headquartered at Bettiah), East Champaran (headquartered at Motihari), Vaishali (headquartered at Hajipur), Sitamarhi and Sheohar.

Q18:- What are the number of Districts in Purnia division?

Ans:- Four – Purnia, Katihar, Araria, and Kishanganj.

Q19:- Famous lakes of Bihar?

Ans:- Bihar famous lakes are Ghora Katora lake, Mangal Talab, Baraila Lake, Kharagpur Lake, North Tank, Muchalinda Lake, Sita Kund

Q20:- Number of villages in Bihar?

Ans: 45,103

Q21:- Number of Tehsils, Panchayats in Bihar state.

Ans: 1. Tehsils – 534

2. Panchayats- 8,406

Literacy Rate in Bihar (Education growth)

Q22:- What is Literacy Rate of Bihar?

Ans:- Literacy rate in Bihar is 63.82%. The male literacy rate is 73.39% and female literacy rate is at 53.33%. Rohtas district of Bihar is at top in literacy rate with 73.37 % while Purnia with 51.08 % literacy rate stands at lowest place.

Sex ratio in Bihar

As per latest census, sex ratio in Bihar is 918/1000. This is below national average of 940 as per census 2011.

Political GK of Bihar – General Knowledge

Q22:-Type of legislature in Bihar ?

Ans: Bicameral

Q23:- Who is governor of Bihar?

Ans: Phagu Chauhan

Q24:- Assembly seats in Bihar?

Ans: 243

Q25:- How many Lok Sabha seats comes from Bihar?

Ans: 40

Q26:- How many Rajya Sabha seats are from Bihar?

Ans:- 16 seats.

Q27: What is the number of Bihar Legislative Council member?

Ans – 75

Q28:- Current Chief minister of Bihar?

Ans:- Sh Nitish Kumar.

Q29:- Who was first Chief minister of Bihar?

Ans:- Shri Krishna Sinha (1946–61)

Q30 :- Who was the first woman chief minister of Bihar?

Ans:- Rabri Devi

Q31:- Longest serving CM of Bihar?

Ans:- Sri Krishna Sinha.

Q32:- Who was first governor of Bihar?

Ans:- Jairamdas Daulatram

General Knowledge on State bird, animal, tree, Flower of Bihar

Q33:- Which is the State animal of Bihar?

Ans: Ox

Q34: Who is State bird of Bihar?

Ans: House sparrow

Q35:- State Official tree of Bihar?

Ans: Sacred fig.

Q36:- Name of State flower of Bihar?

Ans:- marigold.

Q37: When was Jharkhand separated from Bihar?

Ans: 2000

Q38: In which city of Bihar Sher Shah Suri tomb is located

Ans: Sasaram

Q39: For which God, Bihar Chhath puja is dedicated?

Ans: Sun

Q40: Which Sikh gurus was born in Patna?

Ans: Sh. Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Q41: River Kosi meet the Ganga river at which place?

Ans: Kursela

Q42:- Founder of Nalanda University?

Ans:- Kumaragupta

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