Utopian policies of Muhainmad-bin-Tughlaq:-

Transfer of Capital
One of the controversial measures of Muhammad bin Tughlaq was that he transferred his capital from Delhi to Deogir (Daultabad) because it was more centrally located.
The entire population was not asked to leave only the upper classes consisting of shaikhs, nobles, ulema were shifted to Daultabad. No. attempt was made to shift the rest of the population. Though Muhammad bin Tughlaq built a road from Delhi to Deogir and set up rest houses but the journey was extremely harsh for the people. Large number of people died because of rigorous travelling and the heat. Due to growing discontent and the fact that north could not be controlled from south, Muhammad decided to abandon Daultabad.

Increase of taxes in the Doab.

Mohammad Tughaq needed money for the execution of his plans. He was on the look out for increasing the revenue. The fertility of the land and the disaffected conduct of Hindus of the Doab led the king to increase the tax of the Doab. The tax was increased ten or twenty times. Unfortunately, there was a famine and the farmers could not pay the tax. Mohammad Tughlaq got the tax collected sternly. Some farmers left their fields and ran away.

Token Currency
Muhammad introduced a copper coin (Jittal) in place of silver coin (tanka) and ordered that it should be accepted as equivalent to the tanka. However, the idea of token currency was new in India and it was difficult for traders and common people to accept it. The State also did not take proper precautions to check the imitation of coins issued by
the mints. Government could not prevent people from forging the new coins and soon the new coins flooded the markets.

Allurement of Mongols

The Mongols once again began to attack India. They reached Delhi under the leadership of Taram Shiri. Mohammad Tughlaq gave them money, gold and precious gifts instead of fighting with them. Upon this the Mongols became greedy and they began to attack India.

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