Jharkhand River Valley Multipurpose Projects

The water resources department (WRD, Jharkhand) is making efforts to expand the land under irrigation by implementing large, medium, and small irrigation projects for storage and conservation of all water resources in the state after making a proper estimation of their availability.In addition to this work is in progress for infrastructure creation for the conservation of enrichment flotation and optimal use of underground water resources. Several different projects launched by the water resources department (WRD) have been able to create irrigation capacity for a total of 9.198 lakh hectares of agricultural land, which is 37.40% of the total land out of that about 24.59 lakh hectares is good for irrigation. The multipurpose river valley project also has been implemented in the state. There are the following objects for River Valley Projects:

  • Augmentation of the irrigation area;
  • Power generation & industrial development;
  • Fishery;
  • Flood Control;
  • Cattle feed;
  • Production of drinking water;
  • Recreational activities.

Major Irrigation Projects

The most significant major multipurpose projects in the state are following:Damodar Valley river project (Damodar Valley Corporation)

  • The first multipurpose River Valley multipurpose project in independent India
  • Established in: 1948 on the lines of the Tennessee river project in the United States of America.
  • Objective: The main objectives of this project are power generation & irrigation.
  • The project provides irrigation to eight lakh hectares of land and generates 1200 megawatts (MW) of power.
  • Eight dams listed below have been built under this project.
BarakarTilaiya, Maithon, Balpahari
DamodarPanchet, Aiyar (Tenughat), Bermo 
BokaroKonar, Garga 

Other Important Projects:

Subarnarekha Multipurpose Project (Chandil Dam):

  • Launched: 1980- 83 and construction for its first stage was completed by 2003.
  • Objectives: planned for irrigation, hydro-power generation, and water supply.
  • This is an interstate project launched jointly by Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Odhisa.
  • Chandil Dam & Galudih Barrage across River Suvarnarekha;
  • Icha Dam & Galudih Barrage, Ganjia Barrage across River Kharkai have been constructed under this project.
  • Hundu Fall is being used for the generation of 120-megawatt (MW) power under this river project.

Konar Irrigation Project:

  • 1955: Konar dam is the second of the 4-multipurpose dams included in the first phase of Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), built-in Hazaribagh, and inaugurated by India’s First Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, for irrigation purposes.
  • 1978: Then Bihar Governor Jagannath Kaushal had laid the foundation of the irrigation project in September 1978.
  • This provides irrigation benefits to Hazaribagh, Giridih, and Bokaro district.

Ajay Barrage project:

  • This project is located in Deoghar and Jamtara district.
  • This Barrage has been constructed under this project across the Ajay river near Sikatia village in Sarath block of Deoghar district.
  • This 110 km long Canal has been constructed under the same, which provides irrigation in Jamtara, Nala, and Kundahit blocks.

Gumani Barrage Project:

  • Started- 1977.
  • This Barrage has been constructed under the Gumani river near Pettarkhassa village of Barhait block in Sahibganj district.
  • This provides irrigation in the Barhait, Patan, Barharwa, Littipara, and Hiranpur blocks of Sahibganj and Pakur districts.

Punasi Reservoir Project:

  • Under this scheme, a dam is being constructed near Punasi village in the Deoghar district.
  • This scheme will provide irrigation benefits to Chanan, Katoria,  Saraiyahat, Mohanpur, and Sarvan blocks in the Deoghar district.

Amanat Barrage Project:

North Koel Reservoir:

  • The project is being constructed on the north Koel river near Kutku village in Garhwa District.
  • Under this project, a composite dam and barrage are being constructed across the Koel river.
  • The 109 km long right main canal from the barrage will provide irrigation facilities to Palamu District whereas the 11.81 km long left main canal will serve the Garhwa district.
  • The project also includes the generation of 24 megawatts (MW) of power.
  • The National Park is also located in the submersible area of the project.

Bateshwarsthan Ganga Pump Canal Scheme:

  • This is an inter-state scheme of Jharkhand and Bihar states.
  • Under this scheme, water will be lifted from the Ganges and released in a canal.
  • The scheme will provide irrigation of Mahatma and Mahagama blocks of Godda district.

Upper Shankh Reservoir:

  • Under this scheme, a dam is being constructed across the Sankh River near Tangal village in the Dumri block of Gumla district.

Sonua Reservoir Scheme:

  • The scheme involves the construction of a dam across the Sanjay River near Parsua village under the Sonua block of West Singhbhum district.

Panchkhero Reservoir Scheme:

  • This is under construction across the Panchkhero River.
  • Rajdhanwar block of Giridih district and Markhaccho block of Koderma district are covered under the scheme.
  • This scheme will provide irrigation to 2548 hectares of Kharif crops and 537 hectares of Rabi crops.

Sukri Reservoir Scheme:

  • The scheme is under construction across the Sukri river near Banjari village in the Kisko block of Lohardaga district.
  • This will provide irrigation to 440 hectares of land in the Kisko block.

Bhairwa Reservoir Scheme:

  • Under this scheme, a dam is being constructed across the Bhairwa River near Sonai village in the Gola block of Ramgarh district.
  • This scheme will provide irrigation to 3643 hectares of Kharif crops and 1214 hectares of Rabi crops.

Ram Rekha Reservoirs:

  • This dam is being constructed across Utayal Nala in the Simdega district near Kairbaira village.
  • This will provide irrigation to 4405 hectares of land in the Simdega block of the Simdega district.

Batane Reservoir Scheme:

  • Under this scheme, a dam is being constructed across the Batani river near Dhabudih village in Palamu District.
  • This is an inter-state project of Bihar and Jharkhand.
  • This will provide irrigation to 2360 hectares of land in the Palamu District.

Much more irrigation scheme listed below are proposed:

  • Tiliaya Irrigation Scheme: Tilaiya- Dhadhar Irrigation project, Jayanagar, Koderma.
  • Domni Nala Irrigation Scheme: Kharaundhi, Garhwa.
  • Budhai Irrigation Project: Madhupur, Deoghar.
  • Radhu Irrigation Project: Silli, Ranchi.
  • Daharbati Irrigation Scheme: Kisko, Lohardaga.

In addition to the irrigation scheme above mentioned, a ‘Water Resolution Campaign’has been initiated by the State Government in the year2015-16based on the policies of the Government of India for the development of water resources. 

  • Under this campaign, 48 villages in 24 districts (two villages for every district) have been selected as Jal-Grams.
  • A comprehensive Integrated Water Security Plan (CIWSP) has been formulated to make these villages self-sufficient in all kinds of water needs.
  • The Government of India is providing 50% of the fund required for the Command area of the Kanchi Weir Scheme in the Ranchi district. This scheme will provide irrigation facilities to 3 blocks- Bundu, Tamar, Sonahatu in Ranchi district, and Arki block in Khunti district. 
  • The Government of India has accorded approval for the development of the command area of the Mayurakshi Reservoir Scheme in the Dumka district.

Irrigation Project of Jharkhand:

Kind of ProjectName of the ProjectRiverDistrict/ State
Central Multipurpose SchemeDamodar River Valley (DVC) Project Damodar  Jharkhand, West Bengal
Comprehensive Irrigation Scheme under AIBPSubarnarekha Multipurpose ProjectSubarnarekha, KharkaiJharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha
Comprehensive Irrigation Project of the StateKonar Irrigation ProjectKonarHazaribagh
Ajay Barrage Project Ajay Deoghar, Jamtara
Gumani Barrage Project GumaniSahibganj
Punasi Reservoir ProjectAjayDeoghar
Amanat Barrage ProjectAmanatPalamu
North Koel Reservoir ProjectNorth KoelGarhwa, Palamu, Latehar 
Bateshwarsthan Ganga Pump Canal Project GangaGodda 
Medium Irrigation SchemeUpper Sankh Reservoir SchemeSankh Gumla
Sonua Reservoir Scheme Sanjay West Singhbhum
Panchkhero Reservoir SchemePanchkhero Giridih, Koderma 
Sukri Reservoir Scheme Sukri Lohardaga 
Bhairwa Reservoir Scheme BhairwaRamgarh
Ramrekha Reservoir SchemeUtayal NalaSimdega
Kesho Reservoir SchemeSakri Koderma
Batane Reservoir SchemeBatane Palamu
Raisa Reservoir SchemeRaisaRanchi
Tajna Reservoir Scheme Tajna Khunti
Surangi Reservoir SchemeSurangi Nala Tamar (Ranchi)
Nakti Reservoir Scheme Nakti Nala Bandagaon (West Singhbhum) 
Shuru Nakti Reservoir SchemeShuru NalaWest Singhbum,Saraikela-Kharsawan

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