Military exercises 2018

List of Military exercises 2018 of India in collaboration with other countries of the world.

  1. SHINYUU Maitri-18 – Air Exercise between India & Japan.
    • The Japanese Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) held a bilateral air exercise SHINYUU Maitri-18 with Indian Air Force at A F Station Agra
  2. Cope India 2019 – Trilateral Air Exercise between India & US.
    • Air forces of the United States and India are set to participate in a 12-day joint exercise ‘Cope India 2019’ at two air force stations in West Bengal.
    • The exercise will be held from December 3 to 14, at Air Station Kalaikunda and Air Station Arjan Singh (Panagarh).
  3. KONKAN-18 – Naval exercise between India and the United Kingdom was held in Goa.
  4. ‘Vajra Prahar’ – Indo-US joint Military Exercise held in Jaipur.
  5. SIMBEX – Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise
    • The 25th edition of Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise was held in Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.
  6. Hand in Hand – joint military exercise between India & China will be held in southwest China’s Chengdu.
  7. Dharma Guardian – India-Japan military exercise
    • India and Japan concluded their first land-based joint military exercise in Mizoram.
  8. INDRA 2018 – joint military exercise between Indian and Russia held in Jhansi, UP.
  9. Samudra Shakti – Bilateral Naval Exercise between India & Indonesia held at the port of Surabaya, Indonesia.
  10. ‘Druzhba-III’ – Joint Military exercise between Pakistan & Russia.
  11. Sagarmatha Friendship-2018 – Nepal-China joint military exercise
  12. ‘JIMEX 18’ – Maritime exercise between Japan & India was held at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
  13. Sahyog HOP TAC-2018 – Coast Guards of India, Vietnam hold joint exercise
  14. ‘IBSAMAR-VI’ – a joint Multi-National Maritime exercise between the Indian, Brazilian and South African Navies, is held at Simons Town, South Africa.
  15. Iron Magic 19: joint military exercise between US & UAE held in Dubai.
  16. ‘Nomadic Elephant 2018’ – India-Mongolia joint exercise held at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
  17. ‘SLINEX-2018’ – India & Sri Lanka conducts joint naval exercise at Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.
  18. ‘KAZIND 2018’ – Indo-Kazakhstan joint Army exercise conducted in Otar region, Kazakhstan.
  19. ‘IOWave18’ – India along with 23 other nations will be participating in major Indian ocean-wide tsunami mock exercise known as IOWave18.
    Note: The exercise is being organized by Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO.
  20. ‘Rapid Trident’ – Ukraine has launched annual joint military exercise named Rapid Trident with the United States and other NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) member countries.
  21. Aviaindra 18 – India and Russia joint air exercise was held in Lipetsk, Russia.
  22. Vostok-2018′ – Russia has launched its biggest military exercise named “Vostok-2018”, involving about 300,000 service personnel, in eastern Siberia.
  23. ‘Yudh Abhyas 2018’ – Indo-US joint military training exercise to be conducted at Chaubattia in Uttarakhand.
  24. ‘MILEX-18’ – First military exercise of BIMSTEC countries held in Pune.

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