Stadiums of Jharkhand

Keenan Stadium

This stadium is in Jamshedpur. The stadium is named after John Lawrence Keenan, former general manager of Tata Steel. It is maintained by Tata Steel Company. Both football and cricket tournaments are held in this ground. It was established in 1939. The audience capacity is 19000. The name of one end of this stadium is Dalma Hill and the name of the other end is Naroji Pavilion.

The first international competition was an ODI on 7 December 1983 when India vs West Indies took place. There have been 9 international ODI matches so far in which India has won only one. Manoj Prabhakar and Sourav Ganguly are the only two Indian players to have scored a century here.

Albert Ekka Stadium

Jharkhand has two stadiums named after Param Vir Chakra winner Albert Ekka. One in Gumla and the other in Simdega. National level and state level games are organized here.

Mohan Kumar Mangalam Stadium

This stadium is located in Sector-4 of Bokaro. It is a football stadium with a spectator capacity of 30,000. The headquarters of SAIL Football Academy is here. It is maintained by Bokaro Steel Plant. The stadium is named after former BSL employee Mohan Kumar Mangalam.

Mohan Ahuja Stadium

It is an indoor stadium located in the Tata Sports Complex. It is built by Tata Steel in the memory of one of its famous badminton player Mohan Ahuja. This stadium is famous for the badminton game. This stadium was leased out by Tata Steel to the Bihar Badminton Association, which is currently under the Jharkhand Badminton Association.

Senapati Stadium

This stadium is located in Bokaro Steel City. It is a cricket stadium. It is maintained by Bokaro Steel Plant. It is also known as Bokaro Stadium or Bokaro Steel City Stadium. This stadium has hosted the Ranji Trophy and the state level cricket tournament. This stadium was built in 1995.

Sidho Kanho Indoor Stadium

This stadium is located in Dumka. Earlier its name was “Indoor Stadium”. Recently it has been renamed as Sidho Kanho Indoor Stadium.

Note:- There is also Sidho Kanho Indoor Stadium in Durgapur, West Bengal.

MECON Stadium

This stadium is located in Ranchi. It is manufactured by MECON Limited (Metallurgical & Engineering Consultants Limited). This undertaking is functioning under the Ministry of Industry. It is in this ground that Mahendra Singh Dhoni grew up playing. The name of this ground has been changed to Mahendra Singh Dhoni Ground. Cricket and football competitions are held here.

Jharkhand State Cricket Stadium

It is an international cricket stadium located in Ranchi. It is established in 2011. It is made by “Kothari Associates Private Limited”. The name of one pavilion of this ground is “Mahendra Singh Dhoni Pavilion”, the other pavilion is named “Amitabh Chaudhary Pavilion”. The capacity of this stadium is 50000 spectators. The first international competition at this stadium was India vs England in ODI cricket on 19 January 2013. The first T20 match was India vs Sri Lanka in 2016. And the first test match took place in India vs Australia 2017.

Arjun Archery Stadium

This stadium is present in Kharsawan. It has hosted many national and state level archery competitions.

Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium

Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium is located in Morabadi, Ranchi. The old name of this ground was Ranchi Hockey Stadium. It is the home ground of ‘Ranchi Rihnos’, the only team of Jharkhand in Hockey India League. Its spectator capacity is 5000. It was established in 1990 and then modernized in the context of 34th National Games.

Note:- Students get confused in Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium and Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium. Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium is in Morabadi while Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium is in Jaipal Munda Sports Complex, Hotwar.

Birsa Munda Football Stadium

This football stadium is located in Morabadi, Ranchi. This stadium was completed in 2009. Its audience capacity is 40000. It is the second stadium for football competition in Ranchi, after Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium.

Randheer Verma Stadium

This stadium is located in Dhanbad. Its old name was Dhanbad Golf Ground which was changed to Randhir Verma Stadium. Randhir Verma is the first and only Ashok Chakra winner of Jharkhand. This ground is being developed, very soon it will become a sports complex.

Kohinur Ground

This ground is located in Dhanbad district. Along with sports, social work is also done here.

Tata Digvadih Stadium

This stadium is located in Dhanbad city. It has a spectator capacity of 10000. It has facilities for day-night sports. The only women’s international cricket tournament held here was India vs West Indies in 2004, in which India won.

Railway Stadium

This stadium is located in Dhanbad. It has been established in 2008. It is maintained by Indian Railways. The spectator capacity of this stadium is 5000. National level competitions are held here. Earlier, different types of sports competitions used to be held here, but now it is a full-fledged cricket stadium.

Veer Kuvanr Singh Stadium

It was called Curzon Stadium. This stadium is located in Hazaribagh. The name of this stadium has been changed to Veer Kunwar Singh Stadium. This stadium is used for sports as well as social work.

Birsa Munda Athletes Stadium

This stadium was built on the lines of Jawaharlal Nehru Athletics Stadium in Delhi. The opening and closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games took place here. Similarly, during the hosting of the 34th National Games 2011 in Jharkhand, the opening and closing ceremony took place here. This stadium was built in 2009 and has an audience capacity of 35000. The synthetic track installed here is world class which has been brought from Switzerland. This stadium is located in the Jaipal Singh Munda Sports Complex. Both athletics and football sports competitions are held in this stadium.

Shahid Nirmal Mahto Stadium

This stadium is named after the revolutionary leader of JMM Nirmal Mahato who was murdered in Jamshedpur. Mainly cricket competitions are organized in this stadium. This stadium is located in Uliyan Kadma, Jamshedpur. It was established in 1985.

Note:- Shaheed Nirmal Mahto Park is in Hazaribagh while Shaheed Nirmal Mahto Stadium is in Jamshedpur.

Sumant Moolgavkar Stadium

This stadium is located in Telco Colony of Jamshedpur. This stadium is maintained by Tata Steel. Various sports competitions are held in this stadium. The Tata company has named this stadium after one of its officials, Sumant Moolgavkar, who has taken the company to the top after 40 years in various positions. The Tata Sumo car is also named after the same officer. Sumant is derived from Su and Moolgavkar (Mo). This stadium was established in 1985.

Beldih Golf Course

This stadium is located in Jamshedpur. It was established in 1922. There is a golf ground of 18 holes here.

ISWP Sports Complex

This sport complex is located in Telco Colony, Jamshedpur. It is looked after by a Tata Group company, INDIAN STEEL WIRE PRODUCTS.

Telco Cricket Club Ground

This cricket ground is located in Jamshedpur. It is maintained by Tata Steel Company.

Gopal Maidan Archery Ground

This ground is in Bistupur of Jamshedpur. Along with archery, various other sports competitions are held here. This ground is used a lot in social work. Equestrian competition was held here during the 34th National Games 2011.

Kamalkant Narone Stadium

This stadium is established in Deoghar. Here along with various sports competitions, social work is being done.

Kumaitha Sports Stadium

This stadium is located in Deoghar.

RK Anand Greens

This is Greens located in Ranchi. Lawn bowls and karate competitions were held here during the 34th National Sports Championship in 2011. Its spectator capacity is 1000.

Note: – Bowls game is played in the Greens Complex.

Marang Gomke Jaipal Singh Munda Complex

It is located in Hotwar, Ranchi. Jharkhand state got the opportunity to host the 34th National Game in 2011. Jharkhand lacked a world class stadium. Keeping this in mind, this sports complex was built. This stadium was completed in 2009. The complex consists of 4 outdoor stadiums and 3 indoor stadiums and 1 administrative block.

Outdor Stadiums

1. Birsa Munda Athletics Stadium

2. Veer Budhu Bhagat Aquatic Stadium

3. Tikait Umrao Singh Shooting Range

4. Sidho Kanho Velodrome

Indoor Stadiums

1. Vishwanath Shahdev Indoor Stadium

2. Harivansh Tana Bhagat Indoor Stadium

3. Ganpat Rai Indoor Stadium

Administrative Block

1. Sheikh Bhikhari Administrative Block

Important facts related to Jharkhand Stadium

1. Jharkhand’s third international cricket stadium is being built at Ballydih in Bokaro district.

2. Silli Maidan is in Ranchi District.

3. Shatabdi Stadium is located in Ranchi. BMP Ground is also located in Ranchi.

4. Lalit Narayan Stadium is located in Lohardagga.

5. Birsa Railway Stadium is located in Ranchi.

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